Berlin School Of Business and Innovation : Innovations Empowered.

Berlin School Of Business and Innovation: Innovation Empowered!

Do you want to gain in-depth knowledge on tourism, event management, and hospitality?

Or do you crave the thrill of working in the fast-paced environment of corporate business?

If yes, then the Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is the best place for you. At BSBI,  every student is acknowledged for their underlying pool of talent and we provide knowledge to help you fulfill your career objectives. 

 Our institute not only believes in educating students but also sharpening their innovative minds!

Berlin School of Business and Innovation’s MA in International Tourism, Event Management and Hospitality gives each student the ideal set of skills and knowledge that will allows you to conquer all challenges within the fields above. With BSBI, you don’t need to concern yourself with the quality of the academics at the institute; we are known among the educational community for our experienced professors who ensure that all lectures are enriching and enlightening.

Along with the above, BSBI also specializes in providing students with remarkable business talent with the required set of techniques needed to dominate the business field. Justifying our title, we offer unrivalled business education with our globally recognized courses.

 With us, students not only learn about the industry standard but also become competent innovators. We believe in teaching our students about traditional business concepts but also encourage them to awaken their inner diplomat and negotiator to one-up their competition. BSBI ensures students on our courses improve their critical thinking and evaluations skills – essential business traits.  To conquer the challenges within the business tourism field, one doesn’t just need to know about business but is also required to acquaint themselves with innovation.

Courses to Look forward to :

  • MA in Tourism, event and Hospitality Management.

  • Global MBA

  •  BA Economics and Business Administration

  •  MA in Finance and Investments.

  • and many more …