Capitol Technical University – Not Your Regular College!

Higher education plays a vital role for today’s generation, and the methods of education nowadays are full of mundane lectures and monotonous routine. Amidst this regular boring educational routine,


Capitol University makes higher education a bit non-  traditional and way too much fun. “    

Capitol University provides scholarships of every sort to    students wishing to enroll in a not so regular college. Giving opportunities to students with big dreams and greater capabilities is what the professors at this University focus upon.
One can find a suitable course at Capitol Technical University and also engage into extra-curricular as per their abilities and interests.
Now, one of the biggest factors in determining the option for higher education is the cost it comes at.  But don’t you worry because Capitol University and its associates believe in giving real education at real price and that is why the scholarships provided by the University are out for EVERY STUDENT! . Not every student scores in million numbers but still deserves chances to get good education from scholarships and abilities.


“So, if you think you are just a mediocre and YOU Can’t afford or enroll in any esteemed University  you’re WRONG  because at Capitol, you are judged, but only by your actions, forte and potential.”

Scholarships in the field of information security are provided to women to pursue their B.S. and M.S. degrees at this university because the decision makers and faculties over here believe that the formative stage of one’s career is very crucial to be taken care at.

Other scholarship opportunities include:

  • NASA Murep Scholarship
  • Nordstrom Scholarship
  • Jewish Social Service Agency
  • Central Scholarship
  • Coachup

And so on…
So, now you are only one step away from finding yourself the perfect place of education which provide opportunities to everyone irrespective of their grades and hasn’t hyped the educational system.
At Capitol Technical University, we believe in helping students help and create themselves and not the funding requirements of the college.
So, don’t  STOP DREAMING !!….


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