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According to the data collected by the Ministry of External Affairs, about 5,86778 (and counting) students of Indian Origin are studying abroad.Being a part of India’s first Data Driven College Admission Circle means You will no longer need to search for hours and hours or depend on abstract and confusing information to research and study abroad.

The numbers above are expected to rise by 21% in the academic years 2020-21. Whilst there is News floating around that US is denying Visas (student as well) documented cases of visas reversals , let us assure you that the States are not the only place in world providing highly prestigious and respectable degrees .

       Where do you see yourself  three years down the lane ?? Which Master’s or Undergraduate degree do you hope of pursuing ?

United Kingdom after the B.R.EXIT are still providing a good number of visas to Indian students, while Canada is till providing a lot of visas and have raised the % of visas up by 17%.

We can’t answer the first question for you, (of course We will in our upcoming newsletters) but we can definitely help you with the latter question. We here, believe that the secret to going abroad is very simple ….


Yes, the above two words are very important  (unless you ‘re interested in shelling out half a fortune to go to a college you probably you didn’t even want to go at the first place !) to achieve your goals without pretty much depending on anyone ;(except your credentials)  for getting you a education loan!!!

We understand that time is more important than anything else. So our R&D team has come up with a simple yet powerful  College Sorting Tool, a tool that will empower you with the range of colleges unlike any where before…                                                    

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Use the tool to understand how you can utilize your scores to be eligible for over 400+ universities around the globe ( we are adding more Govt approved colleges around the world ) and find out which colleges would have you with them this coming session.

Your hunt for colleges has just begun !!!

Don’t just  sit idle if you really want to see the world and learn from the best in the field.

Whether its for your Under-graduation, Post-graduation, or even your P.H.D, getting into a University is more of an self evaluation than just doing the transcripts or documents. No wonder the best of the Universities like U.N.S.W, University of Auckland , University of Edinburgh etc ( almost all  the Major Ivy League universities ) will have you fill their ‘Self Assessment Forms, before they even let you go to the next level of your application round .

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The objective of an educational institute anywhere in the world is to make ensure the selection of the best fits for their institute  especially when the students ‘re from other nationalities.

Having said that, please also understand that they  require to fill up their quota of foreign exchange students. As such, a window of opportunity stays open for all those who are prepared to ACTUALLY GO THERE AND STUDY.

After consulting  with a lot of trainers (for competitive exams) and Overseas Education experts,  We have decided to put the required parameters according to their importance :

*Personal Profile: To begin with, this decides 80% of your success rate. A Good Profile with slightly above C.GPA, and good extra curricular record on papers. A good University looks at the overall versatility  of the student than academic results only. However, having good C.GPA does  give you an added advantage especially when one is targeting IVY league Colleges.

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*Wealth Management: Managing wealth is second most important aspect of going aboard. Having adequate finances by the time a aspirant decides to go aboard is a great plus point, as it reduces the amount of stress right before getting  into application process. 

Go through our blog on financial planning and research and start making plans

* Language Test : Taking a comprehensive Language test like IELTS , TOEFL, and PTE has been mandated by almost all the Universities across the world, as these allow a University to filter out candidates who re poor in English. Good News is , that except for TOEFL, IELTS and PTE is quite easy to crack, even for an average student.

The official test

* Transcripts: These ‘re your CREDENTIALS ! …You will require these while doing applications so better keep them handy. Also remember, having a consolidated mark-sheet with you while uploading documents will hasten the tedious process of uploading transcripts one by one.


*Competitive Exams: ETS (Educational Testing Service) organizes certain aptitude tests such SAT (for undergrads) and GRE (for Masters) while ACT conducts its internationally accepted exams.To prepare for these examinations, one needs to plan and select the right dates for the exams. SAT and ACT are taken simultaneously with the boards or Higher secondary examinations. Scoring in both is essential to get through the best colleges in the US. To study in Europe , Australia, or others for under-graduation, having  robust academic /extracurricular transcripts ‘re quite important .

As you can you see universities abroad have a very holistic approach of admitting students within their capacity. These very requirements if targeted well,yield positive results without FAIL !!!

Rightly one has said

           ” An Early bird gets the worm “

and nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to applying aboard to study.So get your old transcripts and certificates in order, book your dates for the language tests,  and start evaluating your reasons for going there for the more longer you take to make a choice, the more delayed the admissions will take.


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